Rape capital…

Well that’s now officially what Delhi has got to be known after the recent and devastating rape on the roads. Delhi now joins the likes of Nairobi, Rio, Johannesburg et al in being geo-tagged with a not so auspicious tag to itself.

The blame game continues, the bricks have been thrown, effigies burnt, false tears cried all so while the brave girl has been laid to rest. The criminals are behind bars while the deliberation on what to do with them is still on.

Everyone has their opinion, everyone has chosen the option to exercise their opinion : page3 to page22, everyone has their own opinion.  The eventuality is, rape is & will always be there. At home, in the bedroom, on the streets, in the office, in the slums, in a elevator anywhere & everywhere.

The world will go on. Things will not change. Ones memory is only as old as ones next event. One cannot be the change. Change will not happen till you respect your sister, your father respects your mother & you respect your wife. Change will not occur when there is equal standing between man & woman in the society, when women not only those who pick up flags & shout slogans but also those who pick up broomsticks & sweep your floor are seen in equal light.

Change is necessary, especially when a habit has to be changed and it is impossible when its in ones blood. But, no time is a better time than now & it has to start right at home.

Yes, this is just another opinion.


2.5 years now back again…

I just realized its more than 2.5yrs since I posted anything & considering the fact that I have been married for most part of it, go make your assumptions.

Life’s good, busy, more market downturns. Works good, hectic travelling, additions in the family extended & otherwise. Too many marriages around that i have lost count.

Shifted 2 cities, visited 4-5 more. Lots of new friends, doggies & the rest.

Death, birth all now part of life. That’s it for now, just thought of saying hi.

Possible “thacky” wacky headline for tomorrow

I do not have any ill feelings against any Marathi ever, excluding the person/people who this is intended for 

  1. Have decided to vomit continuously for the next 20years having discovered that the cow that used to give them milk everyday was actually bought at the Sonepur Cattle fair in Bihar.
  2. As retribution to this betrayal, a forced sex change operation is being performed on the cow.
  3. Just opened their dusty 6th standard science book and discovered that the first Indian to land on the moon was a “Sharma”, have decided to make India’s 1st “Shudh Marathi Manoos” moon and launch it into space.
  4. Discovered coffee was from down South and tea was from the East, have passed an order to Chateau Indage to stop production of grapes and start cultivating coffee and tea.
  5. Are in the process of training all new born kids to start singing “Jai Jai Maharashtra Maza” and not cry “Maaaaaaaaa”
  6. Setting up the 1st chain’s of Maharaja Pav stalls in China as direct competition to McDonald’s.
  7. Have given an ultimatum to Shree Siddhivinayak Ganapati in Prabhadevi to stop entertaining non marathi devotees or face exile.
  8. Are building a barrier across the Arabian Sea as the waters need to be made Non-Arab.
  9. Have forced Mukesh Ambani to vacate Antilla(his under construction 27 storey home) to create a slum exclusively for Marathi’s, in direct competition to the South Indian and Bihari dominated slum of Dharavi.

25 Random Things you probably don’t know about me but can probably read if you’ve nothing better to do at this point of time

1. I fear water. I invariably manage to drown myself in swimming pools. To overcome fear I try to dip in the ocean or the pools, but fear overtakes my bravado.
2. I’m highly conscious about the way I look. Sometime I take more time than a woman to dress up.
3. I have read the worst of Harold Robbins even before I understood what sexuality was.
4. I used to stammer and had an inferiority complex because of that. Maybe that’s the reason why I talk less.
5. I never knew/used to speak in Hindi till I was 17, while I knew to read and write since I was 11. I always seem to understand languages that I have not heard earlier.
6. I don’t feel pain when I bleed profusely. I have been hit on the head by a cement stone twice the size of a brick and have walked on with a grin.
7. I have three tattoo’s each symbolizing Hinduism, Islam and Christianity, which I have flaunted only once on Anjuna Beach in Goa. This is for my belief that all religion is one and not for fashion. I’m going to have more done, which is for flaunting.
8. I love all animals and scared of insects. I used to be frightened of bats when I was young as I was told that they would get inside my ears, but now I sort of find them cute.
9. I’m sure I was dog in my earlier life. Or maybe a mutant
10. I still am tongue tied when I have to talk to women.
11. I’m too organized and prefer keeping things spotlessly clean for my own good that I piss of people. I can’t have lunch if I don’t bath and I don’t bath for more than once in a day.
12. When I was young I used to recognize bikes and cars from the sound of their exhaust and engines, now I just guess we have too much noise.
13. I still love day dreaming and can spend hour’s day dreaming even while at work.
14. I’m paranoid about the dark and still extra cautious about locking doors before leaving home or before sleeping.
15. I couldn’t ride a geared bike till about a year and half back while I have owned one for the last three years.
16. I don’t get high fast, if I drink too much I don’t babble. I sleep. I very rarely puke.
17. I wanted to be a Biophysicist after my graduation, influenced by Michael Crichton’s (R.I.P) Andromeda Strain. I now feel it would have been better if I had pursued my dream as I just read that the maximum salary is around $102,930.
18. I once ate some rat poison thinking it was sugar. But didn’t eat too much of it for the necessary effects.
19. I can still remember most of my childhood, but can’t remember much of what happened at college.
20. I have watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy at one single go for about 24 times. I can guess most of the dialogues and am still in awe of the movie every time I watch it. By the way I need to buy new DVD’s as the old ones are almost beaten to death by use.
21. When I was young I somehow guessed that women make babies and they come out of holes in the navel, while I really couldn’t understand why men needed to have navels.
22. I used to lie when I was young that I was born in Boston, I was of French descent and I came back to India to pursue school.
23. When I was young I wanted to be relived of all the homework and exams and I thought college would change things. College reduced my work load of homework but still felt pathetic, I hoped working would make things better. Now as I have been working for the last 7 years I feel that I need to get back to college and re-pursue education.
24. I wanted to become a commando in the Army and I decided dying is not a big deal when I was 13, after all you are just dead. Once I realized this I have been living life much more easily. But after my grand father passed away it has created such a huge void in my life that I think life is easier only for the dead. Because someone does miss you.
25. I used to write well and my English was prim and proper when I was in school. Now look at all the points above and decide.

Older Women and Younger Men

A prettyling asked me this question “what is your opinion about marrying a younger guy.in general,will it be a problem later,because women tend to be more mature“, well its not everyday that someone asks me for a “wise” opinion and women never ask a question “in general”, its always cliched.

So this was my “wise” answer : “I feel its a stupid reason for rejecting a guy if he is good.Anyway the girl dies as a sumangali, What every woman yearns for”. She said “Yuck.So cliched.No Thank you.I will let him die first” Then i said “Seriously, i think its a stupid criteria.Because the major reason parents say is if you both stand next to each other she would look older.So what!!we have botox.Long live plastic surgery!!.I think its more a social issue.Rather than anything else

I think that was a responsible answer and she thought maybe i would be better at politics,which i refused, whose going to question a woman’s judgement anyway.

But my take is that there is really no biologically proven reason why a woman should not marry a younger man, yes the Demi Moore  and Ashton Kutcher types looks odd, but a year or so more here and there should’nt really matter as far the feelings are genuine and there is no malice involved.

I read somewhere that older women like younger men as they relive their younger days and feel a sense of liberty. It was also written that they feel much more in control as they don’t have anyone to boss around them.

The point is, age is not a criteria for any relationship. In this age of touch and go affairs and ever breaking relationships such a marriage must be appreciated.

Teach India

Finally, got “that” call to volunteer for Teach India (www.teach.timesofindia.com) almost 2 months after registering. Not bad considering the fact that there where more than 15000 volunteers from Bangalore(nee Bengaluru..ha..ha) and 5000 are being placed in the first round. Have been mapped to an NGO called Youth For Seva (www.youthforseva.org) which was formed in April 2007 by a man who quit after spending 14 something years in the corporate world.

I was neatly suprised when i saw almost 300-400 people just for the Bansashankari and near by areas. More surprising was the fact that around 60-70 where college goers. Quite a number of experienced people where also present.

Should commend the effort of the Times guys, the initiative has grown in strength from Mumbai, Delhi,Kolkata and now Bangalore (if I’m right) with almost 50000 volunteers from all section of the “junta”. Quite a significant number of corporates have joined the bandwagon too.

What it all takes is just 2hrs of ones time for 12 weeks on the weekends. You could be good at anything, say Maths, Science any language or even dance. But what is more necessary is patience as we need to understand the short comings of these kids.

Anyway, if it helps the country 2hrs is quite less. But i have reason to belive that once volunteers do get into the groove they would find satisfaction and may want to continue as long as they can.

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me . . . I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.
JESUS OF NAZARETH Matthew 25:35–36, 40

The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do

I really don’t know why i started on this post, I’m really direction less. I really don’t know how some people write books, its so tough to prolong your creative juices for 800 and more odd pages.

I suddenly realised I’m going through a mid-wife..Christ!!!..mid-life crisis.I just completed 6yrs of active professional life(so..yipeeeeee!!).Almost all,yes almost all women i know are married and none of them who isn’t married is 5’10” & above or has light eyes(quite a precarious combination..aye??also as the sample size becomes minuscule when you look into my types its even more tougher).So mom decided to carry along a measuring tape and magnifying glass to check these up on every girl she likes.God save the world.

Then, buying lots of designer wear of late, some sexy,some just for the heck of it.I decided i need to make a movie. A super duper fun movie just like the Chennai 600028 types(maybe call it Chennai 600018?) with a wonderful down to earth story,super comedy, super music and the heroine will be Snigda(i think thats her name,actress in kannale kuthatha nee enna song from Anjathey).No prizes for guessing who the hero will be…

Getting too fed up with the corporate world, i’m itching to turn entrepreneur, especially a restaurateur.Playing lots of TT these days.I decided music, friends and family is life. Want more tattoos, more watches, more friends, more networking

  • Things to do before i die..

    20.Get a personal jet 19.Be a better photographer 18.Fly an aircraft,747 and F14 17.Get a Breitling 16.Buy more Levi's 501 15.Get a diamond ear ring 14.Own a harley and a triumph 13.Have atleast 6 ferraris 12.Buy atleast 60-70 cars 11.Open a restaurant cum lounge bar cum dico cum coffee pub 10.Finish my CMA course 9.Try to flirt less ;) 8.Get a tattoo(got 3 now) 7.Ride a F1 car 6.Get more active with Greenpeace 5.Work for the UNICEF 4.Get a diplomatic visa 3.Write a book 2.Be more comfortable in all the languages that i know 1.To travel all places the world